Tools and Software


On this page we show you a few links to tools, software and services, that may help you create your own digital story. The list is by now way complete but updated as regularly as possible. We do not get paid by any of those companies 🙂 and try to be objective and show something for every platform.


Celtx is a professional storyboarding software with online service for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. A free version is available.

Apache Open Office is an open-source office software suite for Windows, OS X and Linux.


Gimp is an open-source and free image-editing software for Windows, OS X and Linux.


The entire editing process for audio materials can be dealt with by the cost-free and open-source audio editor Audacity for Windows, OS X and Linux. The results can be used with other software as well.

Further audio editors (not cost-free, though) are i.e. Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge which are available for Windows and OS X.


Sound Forge Pro and the lower cost version Sound Forge Audio Studio


Programs such as Microsoft Photostory or Soundslides create so called slideshows and offer a rather reduced way of editing. The usually only have one audio and one picture track, no video integration. This reduction however allows for newcomers to work in an suitable way and produces quick results. Nevertheless, that usually means further software is necessary to complete the stories, since those programs do not include any further editing methods.


Programs for image-, film- and audio-editing are available in great numbers. Most of those though are not available for all platforms or are very expensive indeed. Plus users need a certain amount of practise until satisfactory results can be produce. Anyway, these programmes enable the user to use and produce entire videos and films and are therefore interesting for advanced users as well.

Suitable programs for beginners in a price range up to 100 € are i.e.:

Sony Vegas Movie Studio is not only a very good video editor but has a stunning audio editing part, too.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Magix Video easy und Video deluxe

Grass Valley Edius

Pinnacle Studio

Avid Studio

Cyberlink Power Director


Most programs offer cost-free trial versions so users can easily choose the software best suited for what they want to do. Almost all video editors mentioned here are available in a pro-version as well and enable a subsequent update.

Cost-free or even open-source video editors are rare and most often not easy to use or install. Nevertheless, they can be useful, e.g.:

Kdenlive (Linux / Mac OS / FreeBSD)


A relatively new tool to edit video is the online platform WeVideo. It enables the user to edit video directly inside the web browser which makes it platform independent and opens a wide range of usable devices.

Editing on a tablet is still not comparable to “real ” video-editing on a desktop or even laptop computer, but there are a few pieces of software available:

Adobe Voice

Cyberlink PowerDirector Mobile


Transmedia Tools:

Pageflow is a professional open source software that enables the user to publish an interactive multimedia online presentation. The main website is only available in German at the moment, but there is a GitHub page as well where you can find an English “getting started”, the source code and other explanations too.