Jan 132013

IMG_6766This is one of our main rules when we teach Digital Storytelling (DS) and the more you know about DS the more you will see the truth in this.This website offers you information, methods and news about the topic of Digital Storytelling. It gives you the opportunity to take part in this amazing way of sharing knowledge with others and it hopefully encourages you to use storytelling for your own issues too.Here you can find trainers and get into contact with them, watch stories produced by or together with the trainers and get info about workshops or publications regarding DS.If you have never heard about DS, we will give you a short summary about what exactly it is, its history and how you can create and publish your own story. We show you how easy storytelling can be and that even people with little computer skills are able to tell a DS without problems.We will show you in how many different ways a digital story can be told and that these methods can be used for personal stories, school and university education, informal learning, historical chronicles and documentaries, arts or social concerns.Whatever your aim is, DS is a great instrument to easily address a variety of target groups.Tell your story, make them think.

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