History of Digital Storytelling (DS)


IMG_5652The first digital storytellers were Ken Burns, Dana Atchley, Joe Lambert and Daniel Meadows. Whereas Ken Burns used the method rather for documentations such as his film “The Civil War” in 1990, Dana Atchley told personal stories, sometimes in front of a live audience. It was Atchley who taught storytelling in workshops and worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Apple Computer, Adobe or Pinnacle Systems.
Daniel Meadows who worked as a photographer and teacher brought storytelling to Europe, established the method in Great Britain and was the Creative Director of the BBC’s Capture Wales Project.

IMG_5370Since then the method of Digital Storytelling evolved in many different directions. It is used in projects about history, cultural heritage, sustainability, healthcare, political enlightenment and many other topics.
Taught at schools, universities and in workshops all over the world it turned out that the limitations of the use of Digital Storytelling can not yet be seen. The fact that DS is very easy to use and that the stories’ production is not complicated at all is only one of the reasons of the impressive development of Digital Storytelling. Even journalists are now discovering this methodology as a new way of delivering news and facts to their listeners.

IMG_5515There are Storytelling Festivals, national and international workshops and lots of other projects using this way of telling a story. Should you have an idea, why don’t you try it out – and let us know.